“My ideal life is eating my way around the world, tasting different cultures, bagging memories and living with both heart and stomach full, happy, and always creating.” - Omar Orfali

Born into a family that has always been involved in the cultivation and creation of food, Omar grew up with one hand in the mixing bowl. Being the youngest of three boys and three chefs, Omar believes that he is a one of a kind spice that strengthens the brothers and their bond with food.

While his family encouraged him to discover other paths or professions that he might be interested in, he chose the same delectable culinary path of his two brothers before him. It might not be quite surprising given that he grew up in the city of Aleppo, a city that was a melting pot of culinary diversity from the locals and other nationalities that passed through its door, leaving pieces of their culture, over the centuries of its existence.

The Orfali bros are deeply fascinated with the beauty of nature, a trait they inherited from their father who is an agricultural engineer. He always asks them to accompany him to the farms with fields of pistachios, citrus and many more. Both happily obliged.

This is why the Orfali Bros have a great sense of respect for fresh ingredients that are simple, but elevated in taste and distinct in the experience that each one delivers.

As a child and an adult, Omar is curious and adventurous, both in life and in food. He has a deep passion for pastries and baking and while it is an art that requires precision and accuracy, he often finds ways to experiment and innovate in a very Omar-like way. His youthfulness, or stubbornness (as his brothers might prefer to call it), leads him to do things his own way, sometimes to the point of failure, but always to the advantage of learning.

His tenacity in the midst of failed experiments and optimism to continuously push on and create new things separates the Orfali Bros from the rest of the pack. It is the spark that allows their dream of serving modernized Aleppian cuisine to the world to never die.

In 2011, Omar attended culinary school in Lebanon and then he moved to Dubai in 2013 to follow his 2 brothers.  This experience further enriched his understanding of the values of Aleppian cuisine, especially pastries. He continued to produce innovative twists on otherwise traditional desserts with his innate curiosity and drive found its second home in this immensely multicultural city.

Together with his brothers, he is now all set and ready to dazzle and conquer Dubai’s most discriminating palates with a revolutionized take on Aleppian cuisine. Believe it or not, there is a distinct method to his madness and this young pastry chef is only getting started.  Omar desires to join his brother Wassim in his journey around the world to uncover new and unique ingredients that could elevate the pastries he intends to create in the future.